Harry Allen



Harry is one of our Personal Trainers and our deputy manger here at the Wellness Works. He specializes in strength training, fat loss, muscle gain, hypertrophy training, sport specific training and postural alignment. He believes that in the gym you develop much more than just your body, you become healthier, build more discipline. Your training experience will improve your mindset and help you tackle any life obstacle you might face in life better.



I believe that fixing your physical and mental health can start from the first moment you commit to an exercise routine. You’ll not only be getting more active but it will improve a lot of other aspects in your life. Your discipline, time keeping, concentration will improve massively and not to mention the physical perks that can improve your quality of life from the very first session. Exercise is now seen widely as the most effective way to supress anxiety and depression symptoms as well as being the best prevention of later life health problems such as heart disease, arthritis and dementia.

Harry Allen

Harry’s Story

Harry has been training himself for the past 8 years seeing this as the single best thing that he has done for himself. He used to feel complexed by his looks when he decided to take the matters into his hands. Harry is a living example of a passion emobodied and transformed into a career. He loves helping others to achieve thier goals and sees most growth form himself in doing that.

Outside the gym Harry likes to see his friends, travel and try new foods.

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