Wellness Works is a boutique gym and studio that brings together high-quality equipment and facilities with first-class staff and service committed to lifestyle evolution through fitness, health, and well-being. Our aspiration is to create a professional and welcoming environment where we support our members to reach their own personal goals in fitness, health and well-being.


The Wellness Works is a boutique gym, owned and operated by Chris & Lily Sheen at 64 Station Road, Chingford.

When the building at the front of 64 Station Road became available, we knew it would make a fantastic nursery space and so from November 2021 to September 2022, we worked to transform the former consulting rooms and offices to the new home of Footsteps Day Nursery.  

From September 2022 until June 2023, we have worked to refurbish and extend the former nursery at the rear of 64 Station Road into a bespoke gym and fitness studio with 200m2 of gym equipment, a 70m2 studio and private changing rooms and showers.

Chris has always enjoyed going to the gym since he started working out over 30 years ago and Lily has been attending as many exercise classes as she can to get back in shape after each of her children, especially in the last 12 months since she gave birth to number 5. Between us, we feel that with professional staff on board, we have the right skills and experience to bring a high quality, high service gym to North Chingford to fill an important gap in our community.

As with any business, we will have to build up our service and our brand. We are offering a modest 30 classes per week from day one and limiting membership numbers to no more than 500 in 2023.  As our membership increases over the next few months, we will increase our class numbers based on demand to 8-10 live classes per day with virtual classes available at other times. Similarly over the next few months, we know that our service will improve as we maintain things that work and are popular and understand what is less in demand.

Please help us on this journey by emailing us at feedback@wellness-works.co.uk with anything that you like or dislike about the gym, the classes or the service that you experience and we will do our best to take your comments on board. These emails go straight to the directors and we will only share feedback with the team anonymously unless we have your express permission, if an individual resolution is required.  

We look forward to working out with you soon.

Chris and Lily Sheen