Aliya Shakur



Aliya Shakur stands out at Wellness Works as a dedicated Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, boasting over a decade of experience in ladies fitness and nutrition. Specializing in aiding women through post-pregnancy and various life stages, Aliya combines her passion for fitness with professional expertise to offer personalized training and nutritional guidance. Her holistic approach ensures that every client not only achieves their physical goals but also adopts sustainable health habits for life.



Fitness is more than a routine; it’s a lifelong journey of discovery and growth. My mission is to empower women, especially after pregnancy, to reclaim their strength and confidence through tailored exercise and nutrition. I believe in nurturing both the body and mind, guiding my clients towards achieving their goals while fostering a love for a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about the results; it’s about the journey and the positive changes that come with it, both physically and mentally.

Aliya Shakur

Aliya's story

Fuelled by a profound passion for fitness, Aliya has dedicated over ten years to helping women navigate their fitness journeys, particularly during the transformative post-pregnancy period. Understanding the unique challenges faced by women at different stages of life, she focuses on creating supportive, empowering, and effective fitness and nutrition strategies. Aliya’s approach is deeply personal, rooted in the belief that every woman’s journey to wellness is unique. Beyond the gym, she is a fervent advocate for women’s health and wellness, continuously expanding her knowledge and skills to better serve her clients and inspire a community of strong, healthy women.

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