Alfie Wood



Alfie is one of our Personal Trainers here at the Wellness Works. He specialises in Strength & Hypertrophy training, fat loss and body recomposition. He is a strong believer of “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy body equals a healthy mind) and he is dedicated to help is clients to become the best version of themselves. His vast experience, working with a wide range of people has perfected his methods in developing tailored plans while helping people to get a grip on their nutrition.



From teenagers to seniors, through my experience and training I learned how to assess and plan based on client’s strengths and weaknesses. Each individual is unique and using this approach we can maximise those high-impact actions that spread how far motivation and consistency can take you. I believe that solid dietary habits are at the core of optimal results and am here to help you stay on top of your dietary habits. While seeing my clients achieve their fitness goals I have seen how this always translates into confidence, discipline and health outside the gym, in their personal life.

Alfie Wood

Alfie’s story

Alfie’s leading by example, living a very healthy lifestyle and training consistently for almost a decade. Sport is a big part of his life, having had the chance to play several sports over the years. He played football from age 7 to 18, being a avid fan of Arsenal. He lifts since he was 14 and exercises has been a priority for him ever since. He believes anyone can benefit from it.

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